Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Super Bowl MVP - Super Bowl Most Valuable Player

The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, or Super Bowl MVP , is an award given at the conclusion of the Super Bowl, the National Football League's championship game, to the player deemed to have made the most significant positive impact on the outcome of the game. Super Bowl, or Super Bowl MVP winner is chosen by fans and a panel of members of the media. Fans' ballots count for 20 percent and the media panel's ballots count for 80 percent of the votes. The Super Bowl fans may vote online at the official web site of Super Bowl - SuperBowl.com during the game. Before Super Bowl XXXV, only the media panel selected the MVP.

Unsurprisingly, the Super Bowl MVP has traditionally come from the winning team. Chuck Howley (Super Bowl V) is the only MVP from the losing team. Most Super Bowl MVPs are on offense, which is seen as more glamorous, playing at positions that score touchdowns: quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. Of the 41 Super Bowls, only 8 defensive players (2 of them co-MVPs) have won the recognition. In history, only one time a special teams player (kick returner Desmond Howard) won the honor. Joe Montana is the Super Bowl player who holds the record for earning this honor the most times, three.

Only four colleges can claim to have produced three Super Bowl MVPs. They are the University of Notre Dame, Alabama, Michigan & the University of Georgia.

Since Super Bowl XXV, the Super Bowl MVP is awarded the Pete Rozelle Trophy, named after the former commissioner of the NFL who served from year 1960 to year 1989. In Present, the award is sponsored by Cadillac Automobile company. The winner is presented with a brand new Cadillac automobile. In past years, the Super Bowl MVP was awarded a watch or a brand new Buick automobile.

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